The 2009 Alabama Renaissance Faire

 The 2009 Alabama Renaissance Faire ran October 24 and 25. Saturday's early morning chill soon gave way toa beautiful weekend.


Schedule posted on the Florence, AL Facebook and Myspace


A Temptation of Faeries
Akasha's Treasures
Bud's Home made root beer
Celtic Swirl
Crane's Post
Compleat Knight
Fiona's Fancies
Hamish's Dreck
Lady Panisdas
Thyme 2 Dream

Lady Fiona
Menagerie - Hammered Dulcimer
Nalah Caravansari
Rainbow Dancers
Shuvani Roses
the Roses
Skin And Bones- dog show
Torok the troll
Walter Butler's Dragoons

New for 2009
Amazing Nocheaux
The Barbarian Siblings
Jon Nichols, Bagpiper