2012 Alabama Renaissance Faire

 The 2012 Alabama Renaissance Faire is October 27-28


Last Year The RFP blog ran a count down looking back at the past of the faire.


A Temptation of Faeries
Akasha's Treasures
Bad Thorn Medieval Furniture
Beanstalk Bazaar & Emporium
Bud's Home made root beer
Celtic Swirl
Compleat Knight
Fiona's Fancies
Hamish's Dreck
Raven's Moon Designs
Gilded Lily Treasures


Allegro Dance Arts
Amazing Nocheaux

Bards of Birmingham
Beledi Club
Captain Francis Drake
Dutchess Lizzy Fleete
Dan Hinely - Glass Harmonica
Lady Fiona
Menagerie - Hammered Dulcimer
Rainbow Dancers
Skin and Bones
the Roses
Torok the troll

New for 2012

Wood, Willow, And Whatnots

necklaces at alabam ren faire