Shot of the Month 2004 Winter/Spring
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April 2004

Come on in

 The Georgia Renaissance Festival opens this month.

This month's pic was taken at the 2003 Georgia Renaissance Festival.

March 2004

Learnin' Lines

 Preparations are underway for the 2004 Tennessee Renaissance Faire. This months picture comes from the 2001 rehearsals. It takes months of work and dedication to put on a faire. Here we see the New Castle Players rehearsing for a critical scene from the Purple Pumpernickle story arch.

This month's pic was taken at rehearsals for the 2001 Tennessee Renaissance Festival.


February 2004

Butchern' Barber

 Willie O. Shavers has been on the cutting edge of Barberism for quite some time. He as of late, been trying to shear off some of his responsibilities in order have more time to study the field and be the head of his guild.

This month's pic was taken at the 2003 Tennessee Renaissance Festival.

January 2004

Battlin' Bailey

 Frustrated with the how the chess match is progressing, Bailey charges the board. She takes out five soldiers with her whip.

This month's pic was taken at the 2003 Alabama Renaissance Faire.