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June 2005

Birds of Pery

   Earth Quest's Bird of Prey show
The Steppe Eagle, Aquila nipalensis

This month's pic was taken at the 2005 Georgia Renaissance Festival.

April 2005

Brewing Baron Heinrich Von Lauffer

   The history of Baron Heinrich von Lauffer begins with a family heirloom Heinrich discovered a paper inside a false bottomed box. It was his grandmother's instructions for brewing a fine bier. With the help of his grandmother's notes, Heinrich soon became a master brewer. 
   News of his "Von Lauffer" bier spread, the Emperor himself came to visit the von Lauffer's small riverside encampment to sample Heinrich's fine bier.  The Emperor was enchanted by the fine brew, and granted Heinrich the lands there along the Rhine, naming Heinrich Baron. 

This month's pic was taken at the 2005 Koronenburg Old World Festival.