2021 Tennessee Renaissance Festival

2021 Rules of the Realm

  • Covid face masks are required.
  • Face masks are required on the shuttle bus for Castle Grounds tours
  • Tour is of Castle Grounds and garden. No entry into the residental Castle this year.
  • Ticket sales will be online only, There will be no at the gate ticket sales.
  • Tickets will be dated
  • Tickets are limited. May 8, 15, 16, 22, 29 have sold out.

  • Can't attend and would like to support vendors? I made a covid relief page with online homes of many of the acts and vendors, some of the act may have online shows. I will list them here.

royal court lades with masks.

2021 Modifications

  • More picnic tables for spaced dinning.
  • More stand and snacks across from food vendors near the Joust Arena
  • I noticed some vendors pushed further back from the lanes.
  • Limit on attendance.
  • Tickets scanned with phones.
  • Schedule signs with QR codes near stages. You can scan it for the schedule.
  • There's also a schedule posted at the information booth.
  • The acts that are usually on the smaller Crosswinds stage have been moved to other stage for social distancing.
    1. The Queen's Knighting Ceremonyhas been moved to the tournament field.
    2. The Fairies show has been moved to the Bazaar Stage
    3. Celticopia has been moved to the Pub
  • Rafferty the Piper has two shows on the Crosswinds stage and one at the Pub.

fairy wearing a mask


Axel the Sot - Musical/Comedy Act
New for 2021! Bardbarians (site)
Buckle and Swash Show - Pirate sword show
Celticopia - Demetrius and Darin of Empty Hats
Empty Hats - Celtic music
The Fairies of Covington Glen
The Freelancers - full Armored Jousters
Knightwings - Birds of Prey
Isaac Fawlkes - Magic and Comedy
Giacomo's Ballads

Oops! Knife Throwing (Paolo /Giacomo)
Paolo Garbanzo- Juggling
Queen's Knighting Ceremony
Robin Hood - Children show
Rafferty the Piper
Royal Improv Comedy
Secret Commonwealth

Schedule now posted on TNRenFest.com

A squire waiting for a Knight.

2021 Themed Weekends

  • May 8-9: Opening Weekend
  • May 9 Mother's Day
  • May 15-16: Artisan and Crafts Weekend.
    • May 15-16 Fairy House and Hobbit Habitat Contest
  • May 22-23: Pirate Invasion Weekend
  • May 29-31: Celtic Weekend

more details

For more information see the TN links page

guitar player, fiddle player


A Temptation of Faeries
Aradani Studios
Ed Beard Jr.
Lani Sarem, author of Handbook for Mortals
M Sotherden Art Glass
Nashville Picks
Son of Sandlar

These are just some of the vendors, see more at The artisans page


For information on acts and vendors see the TN links page

knight on horseback. he is waving his hand.
red haired woman in armor


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