The 2009 Alabama Renaissance Faire

 The 2009 Alabama Renaissance Faire ran October 24 and 25. Saturday's early morning chill soon gave way to a beautiful weekend.


Schedule posted on the Florence, AL Facebook and Myspace


A Temptation of Faeries
Akasha's Treasures
Bud's Home made root beer
Celtic Swirl
Crane's Post
Compleat Knight
Fiona's Fancies
Hamish's Dreck
Lady Panisdas
Thyme 2 Dream

Lady Fiona
Menagerie - Hammered Dulcimer
Nalah Caravansari
Rainbow Dancers
Shuvani Roses
the Roses
Skin And Bones- dog show
Torok the troll
Walter Butler's Dragoons

New for 2009
Amazing Nocheaux
The Barbarian Siblings
Jon Nichols, Bagpiper