2003 Alabama Renaissance Faire

 The wizard, Zoltan, was selected King by rite of the cake. He decides he cannot be a King and a Wizard. He steps aside and hands the the crown to his daughter, Elizabeth. The new Queen loves the Mystical realm.


  For years the Di'Napolis have extorted money from the city. Using their hired militia to "Protect" the city from the larger army of Naples in exchange for large sums of money. Tired of the citizens treatment, Nick leaves town in search of help...continue


Beledi Club - Belly Dancers
Living Chess Game
Medieval Wrestlers
SCA combat group
Segue Drama group
Tara Rodi Dancers
Walter Butler's Dragoons
With One Voice

Schedule courtesy of the Florence Times Daily.

 The Kingdom is shocked to discover that Queen Elizabeth has been spirited away by Elves. The Queen discovered that she was really an elf. So she left her Kingdom for the Elven Kingdom.

 The Kingdom needs a new ruler. By tradition the new Monarch is chosen by rite of finding the coin in their cake. Orrin Stormreaver is selected as the new King. During his coronation his personality changes. His voice becomes loud and aggressive. He speaks of an old king, then regains his composure. He appears normal. But is he? Has something from the past come back to haunt the Kingdom...

 As the sun sets on another great faire, enjoy your company. Cherish these times and have a safe journey.