2003 Georgia Renaissance Festival

  King Henry looks for a wife. The mysterious Black Knight has been seen in the Kingdom. Merchants and Artisans are demonstrating their wares.


Awalim Bellydancers
Blackenshear the Curious
Cast in Bronze
Craig of Farringtom
Dai Andrews - Swordswallower
Hack and Slash - Comedy Swordfighting
Hanlon-Lees Joust
High flying Birds of Prey
Lost Boys
Mickle-A-Do - Celtic music and dance
Tuey - Ropewalking
Washing Well Wenches
Zucchini Brothers


Action: Hack and Slash, Hanlon-Lees Joust
Bards: Lost Boys, Mickle-a-do, The Tortuga Twins.
Portraits: See the people and places of the 2003 Georgia Renaissance Festival.