2005 Koroneburg European Old Wolrd Festival

When his brewing skills earned him his title. Baron Heinrich von Lauffer named his small beautiful land "Koroneburg."  He further declared that a festival would be held each spring to celebrate Friendship, Generosity, and Revelry!
And to this day, a festival is held each spring, under the proud and benevolent direction of Baron Heinrich von Lauffer.he good volk of Koroneburg warmly invite you to join them.  Come be apart of the family, for, as the Baron always says..."WE ARE ALL FAMILY HERE!!

Archers of Ravenwood
Christopher Yates - Rouge Comedian
Ciran's Gypsy magic show
Fool Hearty
Fool and His Lady Story tellers
Guilde of Sainte Marie April 30/May 1
Jeffrey traveling Juggler
Kenny Klein - Gypsy Fiddler
Marlowe's Shadowe
Siler & Clarc
Thomas Wood Pyrojuggler

Action: Archery, Battle Pageant
Bards: Kenny Klein, Siler & Clarc, Christopher Yates
Portraits: People and places of the 2005 Festival
Chapman books
festival Ladies, festival Lords
Journal Guy
Lady and The Fool
Moon Struck
Pandora's boxes
Treasures from the Cairn
Wheat goddesses