Kentucky Highland Renaissance Fest 2006

Inaugural Season

Brothers in Arms site
Kathleen Finnegan
Knotty Knickers site
Liam's Fancy site
Minstrel Woode site
Phoenix Falconry
Pickled Brothers site
Singing Milkmaids site
Troupe Malek site

Lady Lucia of Colville
Robert the Bruce, Earl of Carrick

Limited Engagment

June 24 & 25
George the Giant site
with the pickled brothers

Last Three weeks June 24-July 9
John Skelton

July 8 & 9
Tartan Terrors site

Broomsticks & Candlewicks site
Drachenstein Treasures site
Failte Imports site
J Longfellows site
Rare Earth Flutes site
Timeless Creations site
White Pavilion site

full list here