The Tennessee Renaissance Festival

Tennessee Renaissance Festival The Tennessee Renaissance Festival is held May weekends and Memorial Day. The Faire is in Arrington, TN Between Franklin and Murfreesboro.
My Virgin Queen Web site for Kimberly Stockton, Who portrays Queen Elizabeth at the Tennessee Renaissance Festival, Louisiana Renaissance Festival, and the White County Middle School Renaissance Faire.
How to be a fairy Site of the Tennessee Renaissance Fairies.
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Arlene Faith
Celtic Violin. lane muscian.
Axel the Sot
Axel the Sot performs at the Red Hook Pub. His bawdy drunken comedy is PG-13. Axel sings drinking songs and tells naughty jokes.
Bob DaVinci
Bob takes his audiences on a hilarious ride as they become players in his wacky view of art, history, inventions and culture, including opera parodies.
Buckle and Swash
These two buccaneers sail the seas of comedy providing family-friendly entertainment across the country. With the help of their intrepid mascot, Mr. Fluffy, Captain Red Swash Rogers and Mr. Jiff Buckle will have you rolling across the poop deck with laughter!
Captain John Stout
2010 -2011(solo)
Captain John Stout sings Irish and Scottish music plus, seas shantes and renaissance songs. CAtch him in the lanes usually above Pirates cove.
Demetrius and Friends of Empty Hats. Victoria former member.
Craig O Farrington
Craig O Farrington - lutenist daily stage shows. He also plays throughout the Festival grounds.
Empty Hats
Empty Hats Celtic and Irish music.
Free Lancers

The Free Lancers engage in full armored jousts. These are real jousts, not choreographed. The Free Lancers count among their ranks the 2001, 2002, and 2003 World Jousting Champions. Awarded at the World Championship Jousting Association.
Isaac Fawlkes
Isaac Fawlkes Magic comedy
Jamison the Juggler
Family friendly Juggler
Lady Ettie
Lady Ettie
Paolo Garbanzo
Paolo Garbanzo Juggling show, fire eater
Robin Hood
Robin Hood The Story Teller. Children play parts in this hilarious show.
Umbra A'Shadi
Umbra A'Shadi is a troupe of bellydancers and musicians from Nashville and Murfreesboro, TN.
Washing Well Wenches
Washing Well Wenches comedy act.
Concert for a Queen & RESCU Foundation A not-for-profit organization for Renaissance performers, artisans and their families who face catastrophic medical situations. They are preparing to offer another CD, similarly structured with an exceptional variety of music from performers you see at Faires. This can continue the bond Sophie brought to our Renaissance community and help out someone else in need.
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Aradani Aradani fantasy ears, costume pieces, and Fantasy Art work. Read about them in Renaissance Magazine vol 10 #2
Badger Blades Edged weaponry
Celestial Circus
"We present an Astrology and Astronomy show that combines the art and science of the Stars to both entertain and enlighten. In our 40 ft. Zodiac tent you can explore the two world systems."

-Celestial Circus
Crystal Mountain Crystal Mountain aromatics sells essential oils
Enchanted Realm Enchanted Realm fantays art Ed Beard jr.
Fantasy Puppet Fantasy Puppet sells dragon puppets.
Garlic Festival Foods Garlic Festival Foods
Kicking Bird Pottery Hand crafted Native American Made pottery.
Siege the Day Siege the Day is the maker of fine miniature siege machines.
Sky Chairs Comfortable suspended chairs.
Uncommon Adornments Designers of Celtic jewelry, Celtic knotwork and mythical creatures.
Vendor listing A listing of the merchants of the Tennessee Renaissance Festival
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Chip Talbert Beautiful Pics from GA, TN, and SCA events
Grommet Goddess Grommet Goddess is one of the cast crafters. Her site is full of costuming links.
Minuet Minuet, a long time patron made the first sanctioned fan site for the Tennessee Renaissance Festival. A wealth of information on the Tennessee Festival as well as general faire tips.
Oleg Volk Pictures of the Tennessee and Minnesota Renaissance Festivals. Very artistic site with tons of galleries.
Renaissance Festival Forum A place to discuss the Tennessee Renaissance Festival or any other ren fair. Talk to fire patrons from across the country. There are forums on individual faires, fourms for character building, costuming, photography, and fiction
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Entertainment from previous years
Baraka Mundi & Friends
Belly Dancing troupe
Bucceaneer Blades
Buccaneer Blades is a Pirate Comedy Show for all ages. Join the brothers, Red and Fred as they set out on another outrageous adventure. was Jolly Rogers Brothers(04-06)
Cù Dubh
Cù Dubh The sounds of ancient thundering war drums and skirling dual bagpipe like you've never heard before. Tribal warrior music at its best, the warrior music lives on through a new generation.
Death stands Up Morti, The Grim Reaper.
Donna Colelli Gypsy dancer with the Roses.
Feather Stone
Joe Jewell and his string band of excellent musicians have been traveling and playing in the Renaissance circuit for many years. Hammered Dulcimer
Froyd Boys
Froyd Boys - (Jason Daniel Malloyfrom death stands up and Zeb Burk of the royal improv comedy show)
Johnny Phoenix
Johnny Phoenix Fire walker, Fire eater, Escape artist
Hither Dither & Yon
special guest 2008
A LOT of naughty, A little nice - The Perfect mixture of sugar and spice!!!
Ky Hote
Member of Featherstone and Gypsy Rox.

Labyrinthe Belly Dance

Labyrinthe gypsy band and Labyrinthe Belly Dance Company.
Minstrels of Mayhem
The Minstrels of Mayhem blend Irish and American folk, rock, and comedy. You can purchase their CDs at faire or via their site.
Pickled Brothers
Sword swallowing, Fire eating, juggling, bed of nails
Porter & Stout
Music, comedy and test of mental attributes
Naughty Nymphs Naughty Nymphs are a trio of damsels singing bawdy songs.
Sloanwolf - original members of the Rogues bring Bagpipe music for all to enjoy.
To The Hilt Katya and Leonardo are the gypsy sword fighting comedy duo, To The Hilt. Exciting hilarious shows.
Tennessee Highland Games
The Tennessee Highland Games were held on the Festival site from 2004-2006. There are no longer games but since 2009 the HOTSC have been at Tartan day Celebration in Murfreesboro in early April.
Torok The Troll Visit Torok the Troll and his throne of bones.
Owain Phyfe Owain Phyfe of the New World Renaissance Band has a loyal following, the Owain Phyfe Appreciative Listener Society. He has appeared on the cover of Renaissance Magazine.
An exiting new belly dance troupe hailing from right here in Nashville joins the festival to entertain you with the dynamic and diverse art of belly dance, incorporating a wide array of styles and movements from the folk, social and classical traditions of numerous Middle Eastern cultures.
Zoltan Zoltan the Adequate

Vendors from previous years
Delights Fantasy Art. Fantasy Art
Faeries from the Swamp One of a Kind Hand sculpted faeries, gnomes and Elves.
The Needle Fairy The Needle Fairy A TN Ren costume merchant.
Nightwatch Recording Home of The New World Renaissance Band, Cantiga, Owain Phyfe, Stefano Pando, and many other early music recording artists.
Shantilly Lace Specializing Medieval and Renaissance Bridal gowns.
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