ConNooga 2012
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Con Nooga 2012 Chattanooga's Multi-Fandom Convention

**Guest list**
Debi Derryberry
Larry Mainland
Sonya Thompson
Rodney M Hall
Shock Theatre
Christine Parker
ZP International Productions

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List is accurate as possible see Con Nooga site for changes or cancellations.

Michael Bielaczyc
Paul Bielaczyc
Rob E Brown
Sam Flegal
Chris Goins
Mark Helwig
James Ward
Johnathon and Betsy Brock

and more see official artist page

Aradani Costumes
A Temptation of Faeries, Ollure
Beautiful Brains games
Dice head games
Force Powered Collectibles

complete list

Bella Morte
Husky Burnette
Radio Cult
Music City Burlesque
The Unsatisfied