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I made this site to share my love for faire. Farie season also means website bill season. If the information has helped you, please help me cover hosting fees, by dropping a couple bucks in the tip jar. Your generosity is appreciated.
As Renaissance festivals please respect the rules festivals are operating under to be able to open. Follow the rules they have listed and realize that many of the acts lost their entire income in 2020. Some may not be able to attend this year due to health reasons. So be kind.
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Alabama Renaissance Faire

   Florence Alabama celebrates their sister city, Florence Italy. The Fountain on the Green transforms into an Italian Renaissance Village. Fourth weekend in October.

The faire will be virtual this year. Visit the faire online and support vendors & acts here at 2020 ALRF virtual.


The Covid virus forced many Renaissance festivals to close. The vendors and entertainers make thier living working at festivals. They have now lost their income from those events. Please help festival acts and vendors by shopping thier online stores see list here. As the circuit reopens please realize some vendors may not able to be in person due to health reasons. Please support them online. Renaissance Festival Relief

Celtic Events

  Celtic and Scottish events

Celtic Events

Check the blog for Festival news, audition listings, and reflections on almost twenty seasons of Renaissance Faire Pictorial.com Plesae enjoy the site.
Jessica Rabbit at ConNooga


  ConNooga fandom convention the first weekend of March at the Chattanooga Choo-Choo.

Shoals Geek Expo 2018


   The beautiful mysterious fairies are a popular attraction at many faires. This section contains pictures of fairies from various festivals.
    Plus visits to the World of Faeries Festival in IL, the Wee Folk Festival in KY, Faerie Escape Atlanta and Midsummer Night's Eve Festival. There is a Fairy Festival Calendar and a collection of fairy links.


fairy on a rock wall.
My Fantasy Photgraphy blog
georgia ren faire
Georgia Renaissance Festival

The Georgia renaissance Faire is held every Spring. New Castle is a market place full of merchants and performers.


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Kentucky Renaissance Festival

   The Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival celebrates 14th century Scotland. Meet Robert the Bruce. Enjoy the Village of Briarwood.

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Koroneburg Old World Festival

The Barony of Koroneburg is located along the Santa Ana River. Baron Heinrich Von Lauffer invites the finest minds and talented actors to celebrate the coming of spring.


lego costume

Memphis Comic & Fantasy Con

MCFC will host science fiction writers, artists, gaming, panel discussions, and costuming. Plus a Bricks and Heroes Event.




   Buccaneers, Swashbucklers, Rouges, Sea Dogs, or you can just call 'em PIRATES.
    Contains a Pirate Festival Calendar and Pirate links



sad fairy poutong.

Tennessee Renaissance Festival

   Every May the forests of Middle Tennessee becomes a renaissance village. Covington Glen is holding a festival and Queen Elizabeth is sure to visit.


The Festival will open this year with new safety procedures! Wear a required mask, be safe, and read the rules at the official festival site.

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