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Site last updated Sat, Oct 16, 2010


October 16 added preview page for Alabama 2010
October added Affliate link to faire an American Remaissance dvd
October Wee Fairy Folk Fest

August Faerie Escape Atlanta

July Kentucky Highland Renaissance Ferstival

May Tennessee Renaissance Festival 2010 and Celtic country faire

April added links on this page to Blog and Facebook.
April Added Preview page for Tenneessee Renaissance Festival 2010

Feb Added Conooga 2010 Section
Feb 16 updated calendars.

Jan 25 added ConNooga section.
Jan have updated all calendars and updated blog.


Dec 6 updated fairy festival celendar.
Dev 3 updated Convention Calendar with Star Wars Celebration information.
Dec 1 updated convention Calendar with Ren Convention info.

Nov 26 added a Covention calendar and updated other calendars,

Oct 29 began adding social networking links to festival calendar
Oct 29 added more vendors to Alabama 2009 section
Oct 26 added first images from Alabama 2009
Oct 21 To celebrate the start of the tenth season of Renaissance Faire Pictorial I started a blog
Oct 20 updated fairy festival calendar with FaerieWorld Winter Celebration dates
Oct 19 reworked parts of the Ardmore section.
Oct 13 updated more 2010 dates including World of Faeries and KYHRF.
Oct 11 updated calendar with 2010 dates
Oct 4 added Fairy Doors of Mainstrasse section.

June 14 added pics from Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival.
June 8 added FL RF to the festival calender page.

May 2 added pics from 2009 Tennessee Renaissance Festival
May 1 added 2009 Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival information.

April 28 updated TN 2009 with a new act, The Pickled Brothers Sideshow
April 28 added more to Dragon Days
April 27 started Dragon Days faire section.
April 12 updated faire calendar and Dragon Days Info
April 6 added information page on Dragon Days faire.

March 24 added TN 2009 information page with a countdown to opening day.
March 24 updated TN links page added new link, removed broken links, moved the Faire history section, and changed the look of the page.
March 8 updated calendar page.

Feb 21 added Pictorial of Con Nooga

Jan 28 added info on Con Nooga in Chattanooga in feb. see calendar
Jan 16 added info on events at the Kentucky Highland Ren Fest site Besides the renaissance and Celtic fest they will have bluegrass, highland games, Halloween and Christmas Events this year.
Jan 5 updated the faire calendar page with 2009 dates for almost every faire listed.


Dec 31 updated Home page and made new gallery page for non faire events
Dec 4 updated fairy festival calendar.

Nov 29 updated fairy festival calendar.

October Added more fae links

April 30 Added Themed weekends info to Kentucky Highland Renfaire 2008.
April 30 added new TN ren realted link
April 30 Added more pic to Ardmore 2008.
April 23 Added TN Ren 2008 information
April 22 added new pics to Entrance page.
April 20 added pic to Ardmore 2008
April 1 added Ardmore 2008 Information. Updated calendar,

March 21 updated Fairy Fest calendar and Fairy links.
March 4th updated Faire Calendar With info for the White County Middle School Renaissance Faire. April 26th in Sparta, TN

Feb 9th updated faire calendar and fairy festival calendar.

Jan 9 updated faire calendar with 2008 dates for the majority of the listed faires.


Nov 29 updaed Links page
Nov 25 added Widlife Photography section
Nov added Drachenburg Folkloric Fest
Nov updated calendar

Oct 31 added Dancers to bama 07
Oct 30 added Portraits to bama 07
Oct 29 added muscians page to Bama 2007.
Oct 28 changed color scheme for bama section.
Oct 28 added action page for Bama 2007.
Oct 27 added a few pics from Bama opening day,
Oct 20 updated fairy festival calendar.
Oct 3 added infomation on Drachenburg Folkloric Festival
Oct 1 added KY Celtic Fest 2007

Sept 22 added Greek Festival 2007 page.
Sept 22 added new fairy links.
Sept 22 updated Pirate Festival calendar
Sept 5 updated Faerie Festival Calendar

August 25 added information on thr Celtic Fest at KYHRF
August 21 added new location of TN Highland Games
August 21 updated Festival Calendar for remainder of 2007 & some 2008 dates
August 18 updated Fairy Festival Calendar
August added World of Faeries 2007 section

June 12 added more TN 2007 action pics.
June updated faire calender and added links.
June added information. links. show info and pics from KYHRF 2007

May Added pics for TN 2007
May updated faire Calendar

April 27 added more pic to Ardmore 2007.
April 15 Fae nation featured my fairy section as a place to get insipration for fairy costuming. see About Page
Apr 15 added TN Ren 2007 information and new TN links
Apr 1 updated fairy festival calendar

Mar updated Ardmore renaissance Faire information

Feb 22 updated fairy festival calendar
Feb updated Tennessee Renaissance Festival information.

January updated calendars for 2007


Nov launced new fairy site Ollure
Nov 16 added "Dual use" to faire calendar for festivals that host other events
Nov 14 updated Calendar with many 2007 dates.

Oct 14 added link to new website for Ardmore faire
Oct 14 added a few pics from Celtic fest 06 at KYRF.

Sept 20 added sections for the Greek and Australian festivals in Events
Sept 20 added info on Highland Games at TNRF
Sept 20 added Info on celtic music fest at KYRF
Sept 16 added preview pics from the Greek and Australian festivals
Sept 5 added date info on Celtic fest at KYRF grounds
Sept 5 changed color on the Kentucky Renaissance festival section.
Sept 5 added more pics to world of faeries

Aug 8th added World of Faeries Festival to fairy section.

July 9th added more to Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival section.
July 7th added more pics to Ollure section
July 4th updated Festival Calendar.

June added Inaugural season of Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival
June added Celtic Music Festival 2006

May added to TN 2006
May 14 added to TN 2006 and fairy sections
May 6 added Pirates section
May 6 started TN 2006 section.

April 29 reworked the updates page
April added Ardmore 2006
April added more faires to the calendar.

Febuary 25 added TN 2006 entertainment list and links for new acts.
February added new links updated faire calendars.

January 22 added more faires to faire Calendar. plus a new icon to id faires that open this year.
January 10 updated Faire calendar for most fairs.
January 2 added Photo links page for more faire pages.


November 18th updated 2006 Fairy Festival Dates
November 9th added information on the 2006 Fantasy Photography calendar. One of my fairy Photo is in the calendar.

October 23 added Alabama 2005 section.
October 1-8 added 2005 Tn Highland Games to events section

July 30th added more links to links, kberg 2005, and fairy sections.
July 13th added More links, Pics, and date to Fairy Mushroom.
July 11th added Celtic Music Festival to events section.
July 9th added more to Chess TN 2005
July 8 added Jousting section to TN 2005
July 1st added Fairy Festival calendar.

June 13th added fairies and Elves to fairy section.
June 11th added To The Hilt pics to TN 2005
June 10th added action section and more portraits to GA 2005.
June 9th added Labyrinth of Jareth info to calendar added links.
June 7th added more Portraits to TN 2005
June 7th added Bards to Ga 05
June 6th adde GA 2005 page.
June 5th added GA 2005 Pic to main page.
June 2 added Comedy section to TN 2005.
June 2nd added court dance pics to TN 2005
June 2nd added more links

May 30th added more portraits to TN 2005.
May 23 added more portraits and action to TN 2005.
May 23th added more bards TN 2005
May 20th added more Ren Shots
May 9th added new links and pics
May 7th Added pics from opening day of TN 2005
May 3 revised Ren Shots section.
May 3rd added more links to Koroneberg section.
May 2nd added pics from TN 2005 rehearsal.
May 2nd added Ardmore Sectiom

April 30th posted Ardmore page
April 20th posted Koroneburg section
April 18th added pic of the Month for April
April 18th post some pics from Koroneburg,
April 17th added info on Koroneburg (CA) Faire. Pics coming soon.
April 8th added a few pics to TN 04.
April 8th added TN 2005 information, themed weekends and new links.

March 27th added advance ticket sales links to the faire Calendar.
March 27th updated FAQs
March 26th added link to Dragon Dreams Museum.
March 21 updated lamuria picnic with pirates
March 21st added countdown to GARF on main page and Ga page.
March 21st added more links. Added more faires to calendar.
March 6th added shot of the month for March.
March added more faire to faire calendar.
March added more links.

Feburary 10th added faire calendar. Lisiting south east faires by date.
February 5th updated ticket info for 2005 TN and Ga Festivals
February 5th added more links .
February 2nd added more fairy links and fairy dust recipe.

January 30th added more links.
January 16th added more links to link and fairy link pages.
January 12th added A page of Fairy related links to the Fairy Section
January added shot of month for January


December added links and a few Pics to events and fairies

November 17th added more fairy pics.
Novrmber 10th added shot of the Month for November.
November 9th added more fairies.
November 1st added Lamuria harvest to Events section.

October 15th added more links. Added more Highland Games pics to Events section.
October 12th added more pics to Highland Games
October 8th added pics from TN Highland Games
October 2nd added Pic of the Month for October.

September 4th added Pic of the Month for September.

August 30th Added countdowns to Talk like a pirate day and the Alabama renaissance faire.
August 13th added links.
August 5th added more links.
August 1st added Picture of the month for August

July 14th added more Fairy pics
July 7th added more pics to TN 2004 Portraits section.
July 7th upadtes some links.

May 28th added more links.
May 28th added Locations to Tn 2004
May 17th added new links to both links pages.
May 16th added new pics to Tn 04 bards section.
May 16th added new pics to emotions page.
May 15th added new fairy pics and expaned the new navigation systen to the entire fairy section.
May 11th added more pics to each section of TN 2004.
May 11th added pics to fairy entrance. Roll your cursor over and select a page.
May 9th changed pics on the home page.
May 7th added to Fairies section.
May 7th added 1st batch of pics to Action section of TN 04.
May 6th added 1st batch of pics to Portraits section of TN 04.
May 5th added 1st batch of pics to Bards section of TN 04.
May 2nd added May shot of the month.
May 1st added a few pics from Opening day of The Tennessee Renaissance Festival.

April 23rd added more links.
April 18th added preview page for 2004 Tennessee Renaissacne Festival.
April 18th added new links to TN links page. inculding links for new acts this year.
April 18th updated some movie links.
April 4th added count downs to TN and GA festivals to main page.
April 4th added more links.

March 16th added Faqs page.
March 16th added chess match to TN 2001.
March 8th added faire starting dates for GRF and TN Ren to home page.

Februray 22nd Added link to Wear your wings day.
February 13th Updated ticket info for TN REN 2004.
February 9th added second page of TN 01 portraits
February 6th added Shot of month for February
February 6th added first pages of portraits and action to TN 01 section.

January 28th added Bards and Rehearsal to TN 2001 section.
January 27th added more links.
January 22nd redid entrance to Fairy section.
January 22nd Moved around and added a few more pics to the fairy section.
January 8th posted shot for January.
January 6th added shot for December.
January 6th 2004 added more links.



December 4th addded more Lord of the Rings links in movies section.

November 16th and 17th added chess game to bama 03.
November 9th added more links for Playtrons, Movies, and LOTR games.
November 6th added Pic of the Month.

October 31st - Third Anniversary--
to celebrate the third Anniversary of the Renaissance Faire Pictorial I added new pics to the fairy section,
Also added main Page for TN 2001. the last section to be converted from the old site location.

October 30th added Bards to Alabama 03.
October 30th added links.
October 29th added second Portraits page to Alabama.
October 28th added a Portraits page to Alabama 2003.
October 28th added more pics, plot line, and synopsis of Alabama 2003.
October 27th added some pictures to Alabama 03 main page.
October 24th added schedule page for this weekend's Alabama Renaissance Faire.

Sept. 27th added action section to TN 02.
Sept. 26th added "NEW" graphic to both link pages to spotlight new links.
Sept. 26th Added more links to TN links and links pages.
Sept. 26th added countdown to Alabama renaissance Faire on the main page.
Sept. 11th awarded design delights award.
Sept. 7th added more links.
Sept. 4th Posted link for Talk like a Pirate Day.
Sept. 3rd added more Playtron links to the links page.

Aug 23rd added a couple more pics to TN 03 Portraits.
Aug 17th added Tennessee 02 section. with new pictures.
Aug 17th added more movie links.
Aug 4th added more links plus directions to the Faires via links to their map pages.

July 26th added new links updated bama main page.
July 23rd added new pis to ren shots 2.
July 23rd added Alabama 2000 section.
July 15th added more links.
July 14th added movie links to the links page.
July 8th added Mural page, updated about page.

June 25th Added updated TN 2003
June 20th added Alabama 2002
JUNE 17th 2003 site launched with its own domain name.

Site inculdes Ga 03, Fairies, Renshots, and Emotions

June 7th added Coronation section to TN 2003.
June 5th added Joust section to TN 2003.
June 3rd added more of TN 03 Human Chess Match.
June 2nd added notice about planned Georgia Festival section.

May 31st added more pics to Bards page of TN 03.
May 28th added more pics to TN 2003
May 25th added more pics to TN 2003.
May 15th rotated some pic on entrance page.
May 14th added more Fairy pics.
May 12th updated TN 2003.
May 12th added Chess game and Portraits to Tn 2003.
May 10th added Bards page to TN 2003
May 6th added another page to Fairies.
May 4th added Photos and information from TN 2003. More coming soon.

April 22nd revamped tn links page.
April 21st Posted revamped faire links page. New colors, better organization, more links, more categories and some animated photos.
April 18th added improved navigation bar to the left. Also added nav bar to ren shots.
April 18th updated faire links page. Addded links.
April 18th reworked bama 2000.
April 13th added more pics to Alabama 2002.
April 13th added more links to second links page.
April 9th updated Alabama 2002.
April 6th added TN 2003 page. Listing scheduled acts. Information courtesy of the TN ren Festival.
April 4th added links to tn 2003 acts.

March 31st minor changes in bama 2000 sections.
March 30th minor changes to many pages.
March 28th added some links to more links page.
March 27th added countdown to TN Ren 2003.
March 27th 2003- revised Ren shots. Added new pics, removed old pics, changed layout and color scheme.



December 29th added mural page. Some of My Tennessee Renaissance Festival photos were used as reference material to created a mural in a dentist office. This page has pictures of the completed project as well as the photos used.
December 10th updated Alabama section. Added more pics from 2002.
December 7th updated links and main page. Added links for benefit calendars and CDs.

November 13th reworked the main Alabama fair page.
November 13th added Alabama 2002.
November 3rd added a picture from Bama 02 to the Home page.

September 19th updated Alabama farie section.
September 17 reworked site map on this page.
September 17th added countdown to Alabama Faire on Home page.
September 15th updated links page

June 23 added new pic of Leonardo to ren shots.
June 9th added to Fairies section
June 1st added Freelancers page.

May 31st added another vendor link.
May 31st added Populace page to TN 02.
May 19th added Minstrels of Mayhem.
May 14th updated TN Ren02 and added To The Hilt pics.
May 12th added another fairy pic.
May 11th added TN 02 photos page
May 11th added new Pictures to the Entrance page
May 10th added Fairies page
May 10th added a TN 02 Joust Pic to Home page.
May 9th updated TN Ren 02 page.
May 4th added TN Ren 02 page.

March 18th updated TN Ren Links
March 10th Updated links page. New look on links

Feb 28th Updated links. New look on main page
Feb 22nd Redid splash page. Click to see new entrance

Jan 25th Added Countdown to TN Ren 2002 on links page. More TN ren info coming soon.


Oct 1st added Countdown to Alabama on main page.

Aug 4th added improved site map to top and bottom of this page.

July 30th added to the rehearsal section of the TN ren page. A new set of photos and a flash file comparing rehearsal to performance.
July 30th added more pics to ren shots 2.
July 27th reworked Alabama section.
July 25th split the Links page. There is now one page for Tennessee links and a second page with Other Faire links. The other faires page has countdowns to upcoming events.
July 21st added more links. Including Labyrinth and Birds of the Gauntlet.
July 12th received Sir Clisto's Award for web site excellence see it on the main page,
July 9th added Preview Alabama page to show changes I'm making.

June 21st added more pics to ren shots
June 18th reworked main page
June 17th added links to Drachenburg Faire sites.
June 11th added opening gate Flash movie to TN page
June 9th Emotions page now displays three images at a time.
June 5th added more links
June 5th updated emotions at faire
June 5th added crowd shot image map to Villagers.
June 2nd updated links page and main Tennessee page.
June 2nd Added e-mail link to this page.

May 30th added captions to the villagers photos.
May 25th added to Tennessee section.
May 20th added more to Tennessee section.
May 9th added Tennessee Renaissance Festival Section.

April 30th added Tennessee Renaissance Rehearsal page
April 16th reworked 8x10s to show Emotions at Faire.
April 9th added more Links

March 18 2001 added links page removed links from this page.

Feb 26 2001 changed a pic on 8x10s
Feb 5 2001 added 8x10s
Jan 13 2001 minor changes to Alabama Ren Faire Pages
Jan 12 2001 added Links and site map to updates page.
Jan 8 2001 added Bama 4



Dec 31 added new pic to Ren Shots page 2
Dec 12 added Ren Shots page 2 new pics and some old from Ren Shots page 1.
Dec 12 added new pic to Bama 3.

Nov 23 added What's new page.

Oct 31 added Bama Act 1 and Bama Act 2

Oct 12 posted Ren Shots 1



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