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Site updated Fri, Mar 27, 2009

   The beautiful mysterious fairies are a popular attraction at many faires.
    Contains a Fairy Festival Calendar and fairy links. Plus visits to the World of Faeries Festival in IL.



   Buccaneers, Swashbucklers, Rouges, Sea Dogs, or you can just call 'em PIRATES.
    Contains a Pirate Festival Calendar and Pirate links.


Emotions at Faire

   Emotions at faire captures some of the more expressive faces at faire. Scroll over the emotions to see it portrayed.

 Emotions at Faire 

Ren Shots

   Ren Shots are selected faire pictures that have been altered for artistic or humorous reasons. Others are of actors caught in a moment of spontaneity or in the course of a performance.

Ren shots

Shot of the Month Archive

Each month a special pic was selected as the shot of the month. A high resolution pic and short bio was posted here. Discontinued when I went to all photos high res.

Shot of the month

Special Events

This section covers other events that may be of interest to those that enjoy Renaissance Festivals. Currently there are sections on the TN Highland Games, Celtic music festivals, the Australian Festival, and more.


Wildlife Photography

   Photography form parks and Zoos.
Wild Life

More Sites

Ren Faire links Links for festival related sites

Ren Faire Photography Various Festival galleries

Fairy links

Pirate Links

You can find prints of landscape and nature Photography here

    All images, logos, RFP logo, ren shots, and Renaissance Faire pictorial and content are copyrighted and cannot be reposted without permission. NO hot linking. Information is current as possible. Visit official faire sites for more information.

 Hurricane Katrina Relief
The Louisiana and Ocean Springs, MS faires are in the area affected by Katrina. Please visit these festivals to help the area as they rebuild.

Ren Store Article on relief efforts by the Ren faire and SCA Communities.

The Ocean Springs Renaissance Festival is The first weekend in May

Funny Musicians
In order to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina, Funny Musicians (weird al, Marc Gunn, Barnes & Barnes) have once again banded together to raise money for a Serious Cause. Laughter Is A Powerful Weapon Vol. 2 features some of the biggest names in Comedy Music donating some of their very best songs in an effort to raise money for the American Red Cross.

The Circle
Bob Brinkman of Modern Bard, contacted Marc Gunn about creating a compilation CD to benefit the Red Cross Katrina Relief. Renaissance festival music groups poured in from around the nation volunteering their music to help the relief effort. Several months later, some of the finest Renaissance Festival entertainment is compiled on one CD to meet the challenge.
Lafitte’s Return
Pirates for the Preservation of New Orleans Music (PPNOM) is a Texas Nonprofit Corporation dedicated to the raising of funds to be used toward the rebuilding of the music education programs of the New Orleans public schools hardest-hit by Hurricane Katrina.

Pirate musicians worldwide have banded together in support of the PPNOM project to compile and release a two-volume CD, entitled “Lafitte’s Return”. The brainchild of Bob Brinkman of Modern Bard, “Lafitte’s Return” features music from over twenty-five nationally and internationally known maritime bands.
Proceeds from the sale of “Lafitte’s Return” will go directly to the coffers of the PPNOM project,