Frequently Asked Questions
Page last updated Wed, May 11, 2011


1. How much are tickets?
2. Are there discount tickets for Faire?
3. I want to join in on the fun. How can I audition or work for the faire? Updated 1/10
4. Do you have attendance information about faire X?
 5. What is nougat?
 6. I would like to start a faire. What do I need to know? Updated 5/11


1. How much are tickets?
Prices vary by faire. Each faire section begins with its own main page. The main page has general info about the fair including dates, location, and ticket price. I try to keep the information as current as possible. But always check the official faire web site. A link is found on the main page.

I have added a faire calendar page. I listed information on other faires in the south that are not featured on this site.

2. Are there discount tickets for Faire?
In general Faires offer advance discounts on tickets. Meaning to get a discount you need to buy tickets BEFORE the faire starts. The tickets may be available online, via phone, or offline at a store. Many faires sale tickets at grocery stores or malls. See that's faires site for info.
Some faires also offer season tickets or group discounts.

I have added an advance ticket sales link to the Faire Calendar page. If advance online discount sales are still available for that faire take the link to that site. When sales have ended It reads "have Ended".

3. I want to join in on the fun. How can I audition or work for the faire?
See the official faire site for auditions times and requirements. Fairies hold auditions months before the faire opens. Information may also be posted on some of the Faire theme web forums. Acting in a faire is hard work and requires a serious time commitment. It is also very rewarding.

Faires may also need support in concessions, booths, or grounds keeping.

Update I have added a blog to this site. I'll post any auditions notices I find there.

Great article by Scaramouche of the TortugaTwins on Working at Renaissance Festivals. Festival Prose is a blog focused on working at Festivals

4. Do you have attendance information about faire X?
I do not collect that kind of information try Renaissance Festival forum or Renaissance Magazine.
5. What is nougat?
Nougat is made by whipping egg whites until they are light and frothy. Sugar syrup is then added, stabilizing the foam and creating "frappe". A number of other flavoring ingredients are then added to the frappe; each ingredient creates a nougat with a different taste. These nougats are then ready for use in the manufacture of specific brands as the filling in the bars, which is included in the delicious SNICKERS® Bars.
6.I would like to start a faire? What Do I need to know?
This question comes up occasionally. Here are some links for more information.

This is from scribe, a sort of primer for setting up a faire. Read and reread this. It is very Informative.

Read thorough the forums at The subject of new festivals is discussed often.

Renaissance Magazine had an article on starting a festival in a previous issue. You may be able to backorder it.

Meisters Realm has interviewed some festival organizers. read interviews here.

How to market a Renaissance Faire with no budget.Gia Volterra de Saulnie

How to disguise your portable pavilion for Renaissance Faires and Medieval Events