The 2002 Alabama Renaissance Faire
Alabama | Alabama 02 | Portraits : Lost Boys | Pirates  

 Years ago Captain Hook and his pirate crew seized control of Neverland. He banished Peter Pan and the Lost Boys from the magical Isle.

 They were taken in by the Darlings and started a new life in London. This life was very different from the carefree life the lost boys enjoyed in Neverland, It was hard and joyless. Peter and the Lost boys and girls began to age and forget Neverland. Only the Darlings siblings and Tinkerbell still know the truth.

 Meanwhile, back in Neverland, Hook was ruler but, he was not happy. He had power and riches but his nemesis was still alive. He decided to use his Good Form and give Peter a chance to return to Neverland. Hook challenged Peter to a game of strategy. Chess, using Pirates and Lost Boys as the pieces.

 Can Peter remember and become the Pan?




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