2002 Tennessee Renaissance Festival

 In Covington Glenn the year is 1536. King Henry VIII has returned to the village.
Minstrels, Magicians, and Merchants are here for Merriment.
 Queen Anne Boleyn is on trial for TREASON. A crime punishable by death.



Axel the Sot - Musical/Comedy Act
Barrett the Piper - Strolling Minstrel
Birds of the Gauntlet - Birds of prey show
The Freelancers - full Armored Jousters
Isaac Fawlkes - Magic and Comedy
Jana Lee - Juggler/tightrope/fire eater
Johnny Phoenix - Inspirational Fire walker
Labyrinth - Gypsy music
Lady Ettie- Mistress of all things "Pauper"
Lady Ophelia - Dance mistress
Lori Grigorieff - Strolling Minstrel
Merrie Tales - Children's Stories
Michael Rosa - Strolling Minstrel
Minstrels of Mayhem- Musical/Comedy Act
Naughty Nymphs - Musical/Comedy Act
New Castle Players - Living Chess Match
New Castle Players - Populace of Covington Glenn
New Castle Players - Trial of Anne Boleyn
To the Hilt - Comedy Sword fighting Duo


Action: Chess Match, Free Lancers Combat Jousting, To The Hilt

Bards: MOM. Micheal Rosa, Naughty Nymphs, Merrie Tales
Portraits: People and places of the 2002 Tennessee Renaissance Festival

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