2003 Tennessee Renaissance Festival


In Covington Glenn the year is 1558. Queen Mary Tudor has died. Princess Elizabeth and Queen Mary
of Scots both claim to be the rightful heir to the throne. Come and see the Coronation of the new Queen.
Long Live The Queen!!


NEW FOR 2003

2003 was great year for the faire. This year saw the addition of three new stages including the two-story Highland Manor stage. In addition to the new stages there were new acts, a new theme, and more seating for eating or resting. This year the faire changed historical periods to celebrate Queen Elizabeth.


People responded to the changes with enthusiasm. The Faire was packed. There were huge crowds at the tournament field for the Chess match and Joust. Benches at the other stages were filled.


Action: Chess Match The Queen has challenged Lord Norfolk to a game of combat Chess.
Coronation of Queen Elizabeth
Free Lancers Combat Jousting
Bards: Axel
Master Rose
Portraits: Royalty


This years entertainment included:


Freelancers - Full Armored competitive jousting
Johnny Phoenix - Fire walker
Newcastle Players - Chessmatch


Axel the Sot
Common Stock Puppets
Isaac Fawlkes
Paulo Garbanzo
Zoltan the Adequate

Lady Ophelia's Court Dance
Lubabah, Belly Dance Troupe


James of Barrington - Drums
Joe Jewell - Hammered Dulcimer
Michael Rosa
Minstrels of Mayhem
Old Soles - Celtic music
Owen Phyfe
Teddy and Friends - Master Lutist


Lamplite Theater Players - morality plays on a play wagon.
Merry Tales - Story telling
New Castle Players - The Coronation of the Queen.
Tea With Lady Ettie - Etiquette lessons
Birds of the Gauntlet

Time to rest before the next faire. So until then.....