2007 Tennessee Renaissance Festival

Entertainment and Theme Weekends for 2007
Queen Elizabeth returns to Covington Glenn. to find that there are Weddings being planned. When the fae step in to help things go awry.


Limited Engagement
Special Guests
See them these dates or you'll miss out.

May 5-6 Paolo Garbanzo, Ky Hote, Bob Ford

May 12-13 Paolo Garbanzo, Ky Hote

May 19-20 Paolo Garbanzo, Ky Hote, Tisa McGraw

May 26-28 Memorial Day Weekend - DaVinci Brothers Comedy Opera, Gath of Baal International Jousting Tournament

Axel the Sot - Musical/Comedy Act
Baraka Mundi & Friends - Middle Eastern Dance
Buccaneer Blades* - Pirate sword show
Celestial Circus - Learn about the solar system
Celticopia - celtic music
Craig O Farrington - Lutenist
Death Stands up - comedy
Empty Hats - Celtic music
The Freelancers - full Armored Jousters
Giacomo the Jester
Isaac Fawlkes - Magic and Comedy
Johnny Phoenix - Fire Eater
Lady Ettie- Mistress of all things "Pauper"
Lady Ophelia - Dance mistress
New Castle Players - Living Chess Match
New Castle Players - Populace of Covington Glenn
Oops! Knife Throwing (Paolo /Giacomo)
Paolo Garbanzo- Juggling
The Roses - 16th century instrumental
Royal Improv - comedy show
Washing Well Wenches - Comedy

New for 2007

Porter and Stout - Pirate and Celtic music

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2007 Themed Weekends

May 5-6: Opening Weekend Family Celebration
May 12-13: Romance weekend
12 wedding vow renewal cermony.
May 19-20: Pirate Invasion
Bring a bag of canned food for second harvest food bank
May 26- 28: Gath of Baal International Jousting Tournament

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Aradani Studios
Ed Beard jr.

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