2012 Tennessee Renaissance Festival

Entertainment and Theme Weekends for 2012
The Queen wants a colony in the New World. Sir Richard Grenville will choose who will make the journey.


Limited Engagement
Special Guests
See them these dates or you'll miss out.

May 12-13 Jamison the Juggler

May 26-28 Memorial Day Weekend - Gath of Baal International Jousting Tournament

Axel the Sot - Musical/Comedy Act
Buckle and Swash Show - Pirate sword show
Craig O Farrington - Lutenist
The Da Vinci Brothers Comedy Operas
Empty Hats - Celtic music
Fairies of Covington Glen
The Freelancers - full Armored Jousters
Isaac Fawlkes - Magic and Comedy
Giacomo's Ballads

Infinite Jest Nashville based Improv group
Lady Ettie- Mistress of all things "Pauper"
New Castle Players - Living Chess Match
New Castle Players - Populace of Covington Glenn
Oops! Knife Throwing (Paolo /Giacomo)
Paolo Garbanzo- Juggling every weekend but May 12/13
Queen's Knighting Ceremony
Robin Hood - Children show
The Roses - 16th century instrumental
Royal Improv - comedy show
Washing Well Wenches - Comedy

New for 2012

Jamison the Juggler
New Castle Players - Much Ado About Nothing

Ramblin Rose -Demetrius of Empty Hats
Umbra A'Shadi - Belly Dancer

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2012 Themed Weekends

May 5-6: Opening Weekend Family Celebration
May 12-13: Share the Love Weekend
13th wedding vow renewal ceremony.
May 19-20: Pirate Invasion Children's pirate costume contest
Bring a bag of canned food for Second Harvest Food Bank
May 26- 28: Gath of Baal International Jousting Tournament



Aradani Studios
CopperSmith Studios
Ed Beard Jr


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