2023 Tennessee Renaissance Festival

Portraits of the Festival

  • No pets allowed.
  • No alcohol or drugs allowed. The County does not allow alcohol sales at county events.
  • Tour is of Castle Grounds and garden. No entry into the residental Castle this year.
  • Tickets will be dated. Save $ buy tickets in advance.
  • Cash required for all food. drinks, games, and TNRF souvenirs. There's an ATM at ticket booth with cash back fee.
  • New: TNRF now has a weather text alert. TEXT TNRENFEST to 888-777 to get updates on weather related closings.

bob davinci

2023 Modifications

  • No more beer. But with the beer booths gone it's less crowded near the Hammerbeam.
  • They have moved some of the food booths. The corn and baked potatoes are at the bottom of the hill near the Tournament field. The Gyros and Hummus booth and Dole Whip are on the far side of the Joust List. One of the long food booths has been moved from the hill to the former corn booth location.
  • Tickets scanned with phones.
  • Misters on the path to the Tournament field there is tent with Fans blowing mist. Another mister between the Joust and Pirate cove.
  • There's also a schedule posted at the information booth.
  • More picnic tables around the festival site including near the Joust field where Dragon Joust used to be.
  • Wider walkways some booths and stages have been moved backwars to make wider roads. They have laid down gravel and made better walking paths.
  • New street signage to help you get around the festival.

person with dragon wings in booth selling dragons.

The Dragon Hachery booth.


Axel the Sot - Musical/Comedy Act
Bardbarians (site)
Buckle and Swash Show - Pirate sword show
Demetrius and Darin of Empty Hats
Dragon's Breath Glassworks
Empty Hats - Celtic music
Fae Folk
The Freelancers - full Armored Jousters
Lords of the Edge Fight Troupe
Knightwings - Birds of Prey
Isaac Fawlkes - Magic and Comedy
Giacomo's Ballads

Oops! Knife Throwing (Paolo /Giacomo)
Paolo Garbanzo- Juggling
Queen's Knighting Ceremony
Robin Hood - Children's show
Rafferty the Piper
Royal Improv Comedy
Secret Commonwealth
Tea with Lady Ettie (first three weekends only)
Tom Timon (sword swallower)

New for 2023!

Queen's Quest Scavenger Hunt
Fairy Training
Glass Blowing
Tom Timon

The Living Chess Game is back!

Schedule now posted on TNRenFest.com

lady with horns

2023 Themed Weekends

  • May 6th-7th: Viking Weekend
  • May 13th-14th: Fantasy and Foklore
    • May 13th-14th Fairy House and Hobbit Habitat Contest
  • May 20th-21st: Pirate Weekend
  • May 27th-29th: Celtic Weekend

more details

For more information see the TN links page

fairy making a funny face.


A Temptation of Faeries
Aradani Studios
Ed Beard Jr.
M Sotherden Art Glass
Nashville Picks
Son of Sandlar

Dragonfly's Realm games and dice

These are just some of the vendors, see more at The artisans page

fairy with a dandelion

For information on acts and vendors see the TN links page

mandolin player

fairies one is knitting.

Fairies on the wall.


Fae Folk Show: Troll Reading from a book.

man with awesome moustache

Secret Commonwealth at the Hammerbeam Inn

Pirates in combat

Buckle and Swash


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